World-class Max Crv Butane Gas Cartridge-Best for stove and torch


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When hiking or camping and cooking by yourself, it’s vital to bring some lightweight kitchen accessories with you. One of them is the Butane Gas Cartridge, which is lightweight and ideal for use with gas stoves. It is durable, safe, and cost-effective, with high firepower and no leftover gas after use.

It can be used in most compact gas stoves and gas camp bistro burners. The cartridge is designed for horizontal use and can be connected and disconnected either full or empty. It is small, light, and compact; perfect for camping and hiking. Butane Gas Canisters are designed to be a standard size to accommodate all equipment and employ the most up-to-date explosion-proof triple-sealed structure, making these canisters highly safe.

These high-quality Gas cartridges are ideal for fueling all types of gas outdoor equipment and are ideal for camping, gardening, trekking, or using gas heaters and ovens on your balcony or terrace. There’s no need to transport large, hefty gas cylinders because of their compact size. Moreover, it is just 220g so you can easily take it with you, and also fit in a backpack.

Technical specifications

Item Name: Butane gas Cartridge
Item Type: Outdoor/ Indoor
Material: Plastic and steel
Weight: 220g
Color: Blue
Volume: 220 ml
Quality: High Quality
Uses: camping and hiking