• Qualify as the most comprehensive consultants and providers of “ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS” for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Recognized as the #1 outfit for selling, buying and renting of new/used adventure gear in Pakistan.
  • Promote social and environmental awareness.
  • Cultivate outdoor culture amongst the nature lovers and adventurers.
  • Provide cohesive environment, whereby our teenagers can spend maximum available time in exploring/enjoying PAKISTAN.
  • Advise the Senior Citizens/Veterans on safe and comfortable outdoor activities.
  • Advise and provide co-ordination on hiking, trekking, climbing, and outdoor sports.
  • Maintain archives, prepare and provide information/data on mountains and mountain related activities in Pakistan.
  • Be a profitable and successful organization

Mission Statement

To offer the best practical solution to our clients by providing trusted and engaging information about product knowledge, the right products, a compatible price, and their availability, along with the best consultancy and  service, thus ensuring a comprehensive “Adventure Solution”.

Core Values

  • We are committed to honesty, respect, and cooperation in all our relationships.
  • We understand and respond in a timely fashion to the product and service needs of our customers.
  • We take a leadership role in educating and partnering with others who share our interests and values.
  • We support programs, policies, and behavior that encourages protection of our current wilderness areas.
  • We provide our industry with superior service, resources, and audiences.
  • We promote sustainable, low impact use of wilderness.
  • We support and encourage one another to innovate, lead, grow, take risks, share ideas, and express a passion for the wilderness.
  • We forge lasting relations with trusted freelance contributors based upon honest, open communications and fair compensation.