RIDGE GEAR, Prusic Rescue Kit


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The only rescue kit you’ll need. Essential when it comes to performing quick, effective recovery. The Ridge Rescue is the perfect solution for any rescues during work at height.

It enables you to raise or lower the casualty and no cutting is required.

Technical specifications


100m, 50m, 20m


11kg (100m kit), 8kg (50m kit), 6kg (20m kit)

Kit Contains:

Rescue device (MRG9 Easy) with 20m, 50m or 100m rope, 17mm steel twistlock karabiner with captive pin (RGK2P), Slingky anchorage sling with wear sleeve (RGK26/DC), Rescue Pole, Rope/rescue bag (RGS4)

Product Features:

Complete with 20m, 50m or 100m of rope for any rescue situation • Max descent rate of 0.8m/s • Max descent load 200kg • Max lifting capacity 140kg