POLARTEC, Classic Micro Cap



Polartec® Classic Micro fabric is the reference standard for lightweight warmth and breathability. Polartec® performance fabrics have been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly three decades.
The introduction of the Polartec® Classic Micro Cap has been made possible through the vision and support of the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Natick, MA. The developmental partnership between Polartec, LLC and Natick is ensuring that our soldiers have the best available gear to complete their mission.

How Does It Work?

The tight-knit 100% microfiber polyester velour construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat. Polartec® fabrics maintain their insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering.
Tested by the U.S. Marines at Bridgeport and Quantico, the Polartec® Classic Micro Cap outperformed the black wool watch cap because of its
utstanding breathability, warmth without weight, quick drying performance and non-irritating, soft, comfortable feel.

Technical specifications

• Warmth without weight
• Microfiber construction is breathable, allowing sweat vapor to pass through
• Dries quickly
• Microfiber construction is nonirritating and feels soft and comfortable next to the skin
• Durable and non-pilling