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Emergency Blanket (sometimes known as ‘Space Blanket’) can provide essential warmth; treating and preventing the onset of Hypothermia. It has been approved by leading health authorities as one of the most efficient blankets available today, reflecting almost all radiated body heat produced back to the patient.

Manufactured from Kelvalite – an ultra-insulating material, and coated on both sides with a special heat-reflective metallic surface (unlike many inferior blankets which are coated on one side only), the emergency blanket fulfills several objectives at once.

  • Inner Coating – The inner coating reflects the vast majority of radiated body heat, warming the patient in a natural and progressive fashion.
    Outer Coating – The outer layer forms an impermeable barrier to rain and wind, as well as reducing heat loss caused by evaporation (for more information see the ‘Technical Information’ section).
    Highly Visible – In rescue situations the space blanket is also highly visible as well as being radar reflective.

    Hermetically sealed in polythene for hygiene and maximum shelf life (they last approximately 4 years stored in dry conditions), the Foil Emergency Blanket weighs just 2oz (60g), and is about the size of a pack of playing cards, fitting easily into a pocket, bag, purse or car glove box.

    Open – 
    7 x 5 feet (215cm x 150cm)
    Closed –
     3.5cm x 3cm

Technical specifications

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