GELERT, First Aid Kit – Travel Pack 2


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Just like when you’re at home, cuts and scrapes can come quite easily when travelling, so it’s worth having a handy travel first aid kit for treating those minor injuries. Many travel packing lists will recommend packing a first aid kit, but buying a ready made one will help save you time and effort of creating your own, so this handy traveller’s first aid kit from Gelert is a great option for your trip, and it’s great value too, containing 35 items!

This compact traveller’s first aid kit contains a selection of essential first aid supplies, including the basic adhesive dressings, anti-septic wipes, plasters and bandages you’d come to expect from a basic first aid kit, as well as more specialist items, including soothing burn gel, an emergency whistle and insect repellent wipes! The kit comes supplied in a handy and compact ripstop nylon bag, which measures 14 x 10 x 5cm in size, making it ideal for travelling. It’s also lightweight at 160g in weight.


1 x elastic adhesive dressing strip

10 x wash-proof plasters

3 x antiseptic wipes

2 x insect repellent wipes

1 x burn gel sachet

2 x finger bandage

1 x eye patch with bandage

1 x non-adherent dressing (5cm x 5cm)

1 x non-adherent dressing (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

2 x microporous tapes

1 x crepe bandage

1 x pair vinyl gloves

6 x safety pins

1 x emergency whistle

1 x first aid guide leaflet

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