Adjustable chest harness with figure of 8 shape which ensures the user remains in an upright position during a fall.


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Adjustable chest harness

The AIR TOP is an adjustable figure 8 chest harness that can be used with a sit harness. Easy to put on and comfortable, it keeps the climber in a vertical position in the event of a fall. The figure 8 shape gives the climber greater freedom of movement and better pressure distribution around the chest. It has two adjustment buckles for the length of the shoulder straps and an additional adjustment buckle that allows all body types to position the sternal point perfectly. This textile sternal fall arrest point is reinforced and ideal for moving without discomfort. It has large self-locking elastic loops for sliding excess webbing, and the attachment of the elastic holding the belly blocker is very simple.

Technical specifications

Specification EN361-EN12277 type D
Material Polyamide
Type Unisex
Size Unique
Sport Products Yes
Professional Products yes
Family Air top
Color Black
CE number CE0598