Location: Swat Tour ( 5 Days / 4 Nights )

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Location: Swat Tour ( 5 Days / 4 Nights )

Days: 5
Campers: 50000 / head
Family Tour: 100000 to 135000/Family (2-5 members)
Months: June to December

Day 01: Pick from Airport Islamabad and then move towards Swat Fizzaghat reach there in 6 hours Rock City Fizzaghat Hotel (Deluxe Room).

Day 02: Breakfast and move Malam Jabba for 4 to 5 Hours , then Visit White Palce in Murghzar Areas and back to Hotel (Deluxe Room).

Day 03: Breakfast and move towards Abbotabad to reach in 6 to 7 Hours and check into Hotel One (Deluxe Room).

Day 04: Breakfast and Visit, Ayubia hill and then check into Hotel in Changla Galli MahGul Hotel (Studio Room).
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