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Location: Fairy Meadows Skardu Couple Tour Package

Days: 10
Campers: 80000 / head
Family Tour: 150000 to 185000/Family (2-5 members)
Months: June to December

Day 01:  Pick from Islamabad &  Move  Chilas and reach  in 12 to 13 Hours via Karakoram Highway Or Babusar Top via Naran ( if Babusar Open)  and Check Into Hotel in Shangrila Hotel Chilas.

Day 02: Breakfast in Chilas in Hotel and move towards Roykot Bridge , Reach there in 2.5 Hours, Ride Local Jeep covered in Tour plan, reach Tattu Village, 4 to 5 Hours Trekking with Local Guide to Reach Fairy meadows for Camping.

Day 03: Breakfast in Fairy meadows, Visit Biyal Camp with local Guide & back to Camping Site and Have Bonfire in evening / Night.

Day 04: Breakfast in Fairy meadows and Move towards Skardu City and reach there be Night , Check into Tibet Motel Skardu banking on Shangrila Lake.

Day 05: Breakfast in Hotel, Boating in Shangrila Lake , Visit to upper Kachura lake and Back to Hotel for Rest in Tibet Motel Skardu.

Day 06: Have Breakfast in Hotel , move towards Central Skardu City, Visit Deosai National Park on Dedicated Private Jeep, Short stay at Shivsar Lake and back to Sadpara lake then Check into PTDC K2 Motel.

Day 07: Breakfast in Famous K2 Motel and Move towards Shiger Valley, Capture images in Sand Dunes of Shiger known as Cold Desert and Visit Shiger Fort then Move towards Khaplu Valley stay in PTDC Khaplu.

Day 08: Breakfast, Visit Khaplu Fort, Mosque Chanqchan dating back to 1200 Century, Visit Khaplu Fish Farms and move towards Skardu City for Night stay in PTDC K2 Motel.

Day 09: Breakfast, some shopping (Optional) and Move towards Chilas Valley and reach there in 8 Hours via Skardu Karakoram Road and Check Into Shangrila Chilas Midway Hotel.

Day 10: Breakfast in Hotel, start journey early morning via Babusar Top if road is open and reach Rawalpindi / Islamabad in 12 to 13 Hours for End of Tour.

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