A unique Service for Outdoor Lovers:

Computing Rent Rates

Our rentals are computed on a pro-rated basis. The base rate is charged for the fist 24 hours of the rental. After the first day, we use the following pricing structure to keep the rental costs reasonable:


Duration Multiply BR by
0-24 hours 1
2-3 Days 2
4-7 Days 3
8-12 Days 4
13-15 Days 5
16-31Days 7
Each Additional single Day 1
Each Additional Week 2

Rental Policy

 last updated 24/08/2007

Reservation: – Reservations must be made in person and no less than one week in advance.

  – Full Rental fee along with the security deposit must be paid for confirmation of reservation, at least three working days before equipment checkout. 

Cancellation:   – There is no charge for reservations cancelled more the two working days in advance.

  – 50% of fee charged if the cancelled during last two working days in advance.

  – No Refund for equipment not picked-up / early return / not used.

Payment & Deposits:   – We accept payments through Cash, Master/Visa Cards.

  – Security refund will be made through crossed cheque.

Collection of Equipment: – Renter must sign the rental equipment form prior to checking out of the equipment.

  – Equipment maybe checked out between noon and closing, and returned between opening and noon.

Late Returns: – Equipment returned late will be subject to additional base rate per day/per item, for over drawn days, plus a Rs.300.00 late fee.

Damage / Loss: – The renter is responsible for any returning equipment clean, dry and in good condition.

  – The renter is responsible for the full costs of repair or replacement, if gear is damaged, lost or stolen.

  – Damaged or lost equipment will be assessed at the current retail prices, and not the depreciated price, for replacement . The price will not be contestable.